It’s time for another guest comic! Today’s strip is brought to us by the talented D.J. Kirkland. A fan of classic video games, anime, and zombie webcomics, he’s clearly a man of taste. We’re pumped to see the world of Unlife through DJ’s gorgeous art, and to see James and Jenners bond over Street Fighter (like we always knew they did). Check out more of DJ’s work on his Website and follow him on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

I’ve tried to keep personal politics out of Unlife, mostly because a) it’s a super heated debate, one I’d rather not take over the comments and b) your politics are your politics. Unlife is accepting of all beliefs and creeds, so long as you aren’t actively using those beliefs to hurt others. But politics are as much a part of our lives, as religion, diverse ethnicities, and sexual identity. These things make up our lives and who we are. And if it effects our lives, shouldn’t it also effect our Unlives? 

Now, I could start with a joke about how crazy this election season is, get in some Trump bashing, but I’d rather not pretend I’m some kind of political pundit. I will make this one statement: if Trump gets elected, we got the President we deserve. But as for the rest, I don’t really think I know enough about politics to tell you how to vote for president. The only subject I’m that well versed in is…


My life, for better or for worse, has been me grappling with the fight between what I have to do and what I think I have to do, and it’s caused a lot of friction in my relationships with people and with myself. To the point where, well, I would spend a lot of my days thinking “I’m no good”. “This is the best I can do”. “I deserve this”.

I don’t think I need to tell you that this is a bad way to think about your life.

When you write, you put your name and work out there as a representation of you. It’s who you are, what you stand for. What you want and want to make happen. And when you don’t get that return you want, it’s hard not to take that rejection as a judgment. And that just sucks.

I know I’m not the only one to fall into this trap. I’ve watched many friends and family fall to the belief that they are not worthy of the thing they want. The thing that defines who they are. And last year, I think Unlife really expressed a lot of how I was feeling, sharing how depressing, how harrowing it can feel. But please remember this.

It’s how it can feel. Not how it is.

In the last year, I found more than just depression. I found love. I found friendship. I found support. I lost things and gained other things. Life continued to move, unbiased, and the only thing that changed was my viewpoint.

Life didn’t get better. I got better. 

Your life is more than criticisms and judgments. It’s more than the permission to be happy, granted by someone who isn’t worthy of your attentions. You deserve that. We all deserve that.

So, just to revisit, I do still stand by my previous statement. If Trump gets elected, we got the President we deserved. 

But do you really deserve that?