So, a few weeks ago, I needed to take a whole shopping trip to get pants. Everything that covered my tree trunks, twig and oats had been accosted by my sandpaper knees and were in a state of disrepair. And pants are not the only item in my ensemble marred with a few holes or the occasional cooking accident. Hell, even my computer is covered with duct tape to keep its exposed holes away from the elements. Freelancers tend to live a stingy life, so the result was some wear and tear, and if my computer can deal, so can I.

But I finally caved, getting a few more pairs of pants, and a few nice shirts for measure, just in case some catastrophic emergency presented itself where I need to look presentable. The new outfits are a solid win, but to be honest, but I miss the old stuff. Sure it was ripped to shreds and bleached with pit stains, but it felt comfortable. It was still my clothing.

Am I being gross? I’m probably oversharing, sorry, but I can’t be the only one going through this. I go through clothing like napkins with alarming frequency because it appears my body is a messy eater. Before you know it, the napkin dispenser is empty and then… what’s left to cover yourself up with?

I always liked James’ orange tie. It made him stand out and gave him a more unique design. There’s no special significance behind the tie itself. In a story overwrought with so much subtext you could cut through it with a chainsaw, James’ tie existed simply as a vibrant color contrast for James’ blue skin. That said, it was also a reminiscent reminder of his older life. A boy pretending to be an adult by casually dressing as one. I think James might be realizing that this isn’t pretend anymore.

We’ve been looking for a way to phase it out, and Zack brought it in spades, mixing it seamlessly into this scene. I wonder if James even realized that was his last one?

I think he’ll miss the tie, originally comforted by it and its familiarity. It was always there in his adventures thus far, but like any clothing, things get warn out, and ultimately ruined. James has entered the next phase of his life and holding onto the remains of the now frayed, bloody and ruined won’t do him any good. It’s time to get a new outfit, but I don’t blame him for missing the old one.

Welcome to Chapter 7, everyone. It’s going be a bumpy ride…