It’s that time again. The United States currently has a policy of net neutrality, but the FCC is trying to undo those protections. This would give telecom companies full control over customers’ access to individual websites, which in other countries has resulted in a cable-style bundling of popular websites, with “fast-lane” access to those sites and slower access to others that aren’t included in a particular package. This also means that websites have to pay their way into those packages, or be excluded if they can’t.

This will suck not only for you (paying more for fewer sites), but also for indie productions with small budgets – webcomics like us and many others, other artists of all kinds, and more.

Please visit to get more information about net neutrality, and why it’s important. If you’re in the United States, please call your reps. If you’re not, please spread the word anyway – it helps!