Zack Turner makes the art, ALL OF IT. He graduated with a BF in Computer Art.  He’s been wandering the land (New York), but currently wandering Virginia.   He searches for other artists and steals their powers.  More often then not when Zack isn’t stealing the powers of other people, he’s making comics.  He’s a published artist with clients such as Arcana Comics, Blue Water Productions, Viz Media, some guy named Josh Breidbart, and a few others.  In the fall of 2007 Zack thought up the concept of Unlife, although it wasn’t nearly as polished in the dialogue.  Back then it was called “Life?” for about a week.  He wanted to submit it as a 20 page short comic to an anthology, that fell through.  He kept it under his hat until he found a writer SKILLED enough to bring the characters to life.  When a certain Breidbart came along, he asked him to make words come out of the characters mouths, as well as extending the short into a full multi-chapter comic.







Josh Breidbart is a supple young man of questionable allegiances. Graduating with a BA in Scriptwriting, Josh became a PA in the entertainment and animation industry, while funding his own creations on the side. He has a finished comic trade, which was completed with Zack and brought to NYCC ’11, called Fenix Gear. He has also written a pilot currently in production. He has recently quit his job as a Story PA in order to pursue his dream of being a starving writer in a vast sea of millions. He is the writer of Unlife and has a blast being a part of it.








Jena Tumbleson is the editor in chief of Unlife. She is responsible for wrangling the kaleidoscopic tornado of Dragon Ball Z references and bafflingly out there ideas that squish forth from Josh and Zack’s mind grapes so that you can read it. You’re welcome. Jena holds a rare and valuable BA in English, and her non-Unlife time is also largely spent editing things. When she is not editing things, she’s probably reading about murders or plagues, ranting about politics, or checking out the latest pug video.





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