Thanks for being patient with this little diversion/Halloween Special. And thanks for reading as always. So, Josh and I adore Overwatch!

I feel like Overwatch has been my savior in the last bunch of months as I work on Unlife, My Portfolio, and other projects. Almost aways at a certain time Josh shoots me a message, “OW?” and after I remember OW is overwatch and not “OW!” like an expression of pain, I go “YEAH!”

Other than the colorful, unique characters I adore the solid polished gameplay which focuses on Goals and Objectives over killing the other team.  You do totally shoot others, but that’s a part of the objective.  And thanks to the game I find myself making new friends, and socializing outside of my usual circle.

Quick play is fun, but i kind of hate hero stacking. I like competitive though. The game feels much more balanced that way.  Everyone doing their jobs. And yeah. I play Mei, but I don’t at all troll my own team with icewalls. There’s something awesome about her crowd control.

One of my favorite things to do is walk right passed the bottlenecks set up by the opposite team and just hopping onto the point.  “Did that Mei just walk passed us without shooting at all?”

I definitely recommend Overwatch!

Be good guys! Normal Pages back on tuesday!